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I have worked in the volunteer world for many years, mostly supporting children's programs & such, so having a 'potty mouth' was never an option, because the minute a 'bad word' accidentally comes out of your mouth, a child can hear it from 100 miles away with their super sonar-strength little ears! 

So I adapted a colorful array of words that almost sound like bad words for my grown-up world. 
I still remain silent in front of kids though, because even the youngest are inquisitive, and can figure it out! 
Smart Little Frockers! ;-)

BTW, 'What the Frock' is one of my favs! I use all of these sparingly!

My list of 5 bad-like words used around my adult friends:

  1. Mother Fisher = MFer
  2. Ding Dang it = Damn
  3. Scheisse = Is actually German for 'crap' or 'shit'
  4. What the Frock = Well, you know this one....
  5. Well, Poopie = same as #3, actually I should put that one as  'number 2' Haha!

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