BE resolution-free!! ~How about a Little Soul Renewal?~ Yes?!

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This article has nothing to do with this boot,
but I like it! :)

Happy New Year! 

So many say that it is hard to believe another year has rolled by with such urgency, however, we need to reflect on the old adage, "time stands still for no one". So while you are suffering the aftermath of ringing in the new year this morning, time is forging forward, with or without your aching head & stomach! 

I am, however, radiant! ;-)  I chose to drink very little last night, and feel amazing!  I am highly reflective right now, on top of being a realist, a spiritualist & all those other 'isty' things, I am never without humor!
CdB is all about living, you know!

So not to appear like a stodgy bore, I am delightfully enjoying this morning from the confines of my bed with a mimosa in hand! And, I will probably drink a few more!

So smile, drink lots of fluids, take several delicious naps throughout the day!  You are one of the lucky survivors of 2010!! Be indulgent in thought & dream of all the possibilities of what 2011 could bring! Always pay it forward!  Abundance is a merry go 'round!
Set forth a blazing new path!

I wish you much happiness & many blessings!

Once again, Happy New Year! 

With love,

P.S. Instead of updating your FaceBook page & Twittering, call a family member or friend, YES, actually dial numbers & talk! Tell them how much you adore them & how you feel so blessed to have them in your life!!

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