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A Penguin Walks into an Art Gallery. | C4ward March Blogathon: Day 13 |

11:02 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Great, I now have your full attention! 
Don't just stand there, create something! 

Sometimes we just need to shake things up a little.

The C-4 interrogation....er, interview:

Think about your relationship as an artist or artistic entrepreneur to your neighborhood, city, and region. Then respond to these two questions:
Question 1 (Artists Contributions):
  • What does your creative work contribute to your communities? My younger sister and I teach an art/mentor-ship program through Girls Inc. of Great Atlanta. We have hosted events as well that support the arts and community.
    Also, as a writer; words are my contribution. As a jewelry designer; making things with my hands is an expression. As a supporter of other artists; communication & sharing is a vehicle of awareness that helps boost the artists community. Contribute where you can! 
  • In general, what do the arts do for a city? Art is everything we see, the music that we hear, the fiber of what makes Atlanta so lovely. Without it, we could not function. All creative forms need to be appreciated, fed and supported. 
  • What do you do for your city or community? I share my pieces through shows and festivals that give back. I write and submit articles and blog. I tell people about what I do, why I love it and how they can follow their artistic bliss too. It's easier than most think! It's all about beginning.
  • What SHOULD you do, if anything, that you don't already do? Attend meetings that support the arts, become more active and share the importance of creativity and get more kids involved. 
Questions 2 (Cities Contributions):
  • How should communities develop and support their artists? Forums, meetings, sharing, supporting, communicating, offering affordable venues.....this list can go on forever! 
  • What is your city or community doing, if anything, to help you develop and support you as a creative? Offering cool & creative ways of expression. Like this challenge! 
  • What areas are creative communities nurtured in your area? Coffee shops? Galleries? Museums? Government spaces? Nonprofit spaces? Corporate spaces? Etc...I am lucky to live in a city full of invention, commerce and creation! Like I said above, we need more affordable spaces to show and share.

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