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~Thank you! It was so fun!!~ I Love The Thrifters!!

9:35 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

You know I love it when I get the opportunity to interview a fellow thrifter so without further adieu here is one fascinating woman….
Q:  Please tell us your name and what you do professionally speaking.
A:  Melanie Woodroffe and I am a copy writer for an online beauty, fashion and lifestyle magazine and blogger for Capitol de Beaute, which I founded in 2007.
Q:  How long have you’ve been interested in shopping second hand / recycled for your items???

A:  Since I was a child! My Mother owned an antique/consignment store, so my love for vintage and antiques started with her! I wore a lot of vintage in high school as well. 
Q:  What was your very first luxury item you found and where did you find it and what did you pay for it?

A:  Chanel double ‘c’ brooch and I still have it! I found it a thrift store in the 80s for $1. 
Q:  Tell us about this gorgeous Giorgio Armani Handbag, Hermes scarf and this gorgeous Gucci clutch. What was your reactions when you found these items??

 A:  The Hermes scarf is a more recent find! I discovered whilst digging through socks at Goodwill! 
I almost didn’t purchase because I was convinced it was a fake, until I used my handy iPhone and looked it up on Ruby Lane! It is in pristine condition and was probably kept in a box. It is from the early 1980s and has La Marine En Bois inscribed on it along with four gorgeous gold and pale blue scepters, French flags and ships.
I paid $1.91 for it. 

The Gucci clutch was found at Goodwill as well.  It was a little more! $14.99! So expensive! ;)
It is made of pleated silk and has gold accents. It was behind the counter, and when I asked the clerk to see it, she said, “it’s not real”. I ignored and found information about it on 1st Dibs!  
It’s an $1,100 bag and rare! 

I found the Giorgio Armani evening bag in a thrift store in Queens, NY, it was owned by two smoking sisters meaning, lips caked with red lipstick, they would sit outside the store with their cigarettes hanging out their mouths. They had the most amazing stuff! I paid $5.99 for it! 

Q:  I live a very sub stainable lifestyle my clothes, furniture, dishes, silverware and lighting all came from thrift stores, estate sales or flea markets. Are you the same?? Please explain.
A:  Yes, I have a  special love for things with history; things that have design elements that no longer exist in the 21st Century. My wardrobe is a mixture of vintage and second hand.  Also, as a writer I let my imagination run wild with things from the past. 
Pre-owned things have such mystery and are full of intrigue!

Q:  What is your absolute most desired item you are dying to find??? 
A:  The Hermes scarf was the icing on the cake! However, I would love to find a beautiful vintage silk Chanel scarf next!

Q:  Please really use your creative juices to just have fun and talk about what it is that drives you to shop / live this way. 

A:  Well, it really goes back to my Mom. She wore some of the greatest fashion labels in history, and it was considered just every day stuff back then!  Our house was like a museum when I was a child, filled with antiques books, art, furniture, vases, dishes, linens…..and the list goes on. Perusing estate sales, garage sales to find special things was what I loved to do and it was fun!

Thank you Melanie for sharing with my readers your story and passion.  I myself find it very interesting reading about what other thrifters collect, why they collect what they collect and most importantly why they do it…. I hope you guys have enjoyed this interview and I hope you all share it with your friends and family because I think it’s important to show the world that you can look like a million bucks and do it the recycled way!!!  I’m Daniel Troppy your vintage luxury curator!  


Above, top left to right is a vintage Giorgio Armani Evening Bag with a velvet pouch and make up mirror and below it, a vintage Gucci silk clutch!


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