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~Fashion Slacker!!~From the Capitol de Beaute Instagram Files!

6:34 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Or blog slacker, anyway you call it, I have been holding out on you! 
The past two weeks have been a stylish blur of activities! Exciting! 

Here is an instant update on everything beautiful
via my instagram shares! Make sure to follow me there too!


 Leo's vintage Chanel bracelet, however, as you can see, the entire ensemble was fab!

 I made these african tribal inspired bracelets. They are a combination of vintage findings, shells & semi-precious stones. Gorgeous, right?!

 Oh Spring! I wish for thee! The past two days have been beautiful! So I have been style musing in my closet. These vintage Gucci mules are dying to be walked! 

 1940s inspiration, all vintage & from that era! 

 This is what happens when one throws a bunch of vintage randoms together! A wonderful splash of textures, colors and blends of beads with a little mink on the side!

 This clutch is from the 1970s. I guess you can tell that I have a penchant from vintage!

 Tocca NY body and bath products are my favorite! Here's my restock! 

 Love this Crosley record player from Urban Outfitters! In turquoise! Die! Live!

 Yves Saint Laurent, the initials say it all! Metallic pink too! Gracious! 
From my fave store, Saks Atlanta!

 I am always on the look out for cool vintage stuff! I found this Givenchy box in a dollar bin at a thrift store, as you can see, I love it! I put my GrandMother's Fox cuffs in it! 

 A gorgeous little table top styling that I did. Bazaar mag inspired! 
{I made the crystal and sterling necklace and earrings!}
Python! Clutch! Gasp! From Celine at Saks Atlanta! 

 I hope that I never get arrested for loitering in Saks....

 Sofia Coppola ad for Louis Vuitton, it's massive! Yes, it's at Saks Atlanta! :)
 Beauty, brains and super kind. The divine Hannah in DSquared2 from Saks Atlanta.

 um, so, I want to talk about that time my sister was thrift store shopping and found a brand new $1500 St. John jacket for super cheap! Yep, it happened! 
{I added a little nautical theme using a JCrew T and Jewels!}

 One word: Sublime. From the lovely Oscar de la Renta. 
{I can say lovely because I have met him!}

This Chanel bag is so gorgeous that it needs no introduction! 

Well, thank you for stopping by! I plan to do better than just drive by blogging, so stay tune!

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