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Slightly Dumbstruck | C4 Blogathon 15 Day Challenge!!~ | Day 6

9:03 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

{photo courtesy of Melanie, taken at Serenbe Farm}
A little about me: I am from the north-south. I moved to Atlanta from Maryland. I was recruited and transferred here by an art company.

I spend my days creating. I write fashion and lifestyle content for sites like Lyst.com & Equipment. I have worked for British-based Mr. Brown Home, Julian Chichester Furniture and Trowbridge Gallery. I even once lived in New York and worked for the corporate cosmetic giant, Estee Lauder. 

I am now actually studying to be a web developer and I work in a creative field. I spend my days writing, reading, researching or making something. 
I spend my weekends exploring.

For the past two days I have been utterly knackered and I feel like the quality of my writing is suffering. 

I am trying to prevail!  So I will use some humor. 

As you may know, Steve Martin started his career as a stand up comic, however, he is also an amazing writer. In 1998, he wrote a book called Pure Drivel, which is hilariously right on point and creatively, I find it easy to relate to right now.

My favorite and most memorable chapter is called 'Writing Is Easy.'  
He says, " Many very fine writers are intimidated when they have to write the way people really talk. Actually it's quite easy. Simply lower your IQ by fifty and start typing!"

A good laugh is the nectar of the Gods!

P.S. Writing ain't easy.

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