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~Ain't too Proud to Fail!!~ | C4 Blogathon 15 Day Challenge!!~ | Day 3

8:38 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

I believe that the best way to overcome fear is to take a flying leap of faith!
Line your feet up to the edge & jump! 

My adventures in writing, designing, making, and everything creative all stem from the confident knowledge that I will probably fail and that not all people will like what I do.
I'm okay with that. 

What this leap of faith helps me do is take more risks and find out what I am really good at.
I am proud of every triumph and every failure. All of it. 

Of course, I am a mere mortal, and occasionally a smidgen of what looks like regret from failing creeps up, so I create something else. 

The idea is to keep moving forward. With every small step, there is a much greater one. 

Above is an article that I wrote for Points North magazine.
I was able to incorporate 
all of the things that I am passionate about; style, sustainability, shopping local, community, and creative endeavors. 
Super pleased with how it turned out! 

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